When it comes to football, there are variety of ways to place a bet. You could wager on a variety of different things, and here are the three common bets among the many bets to play on.


A ball on the goal mouth photo by Top10sportsbettingsites

Handicap Bet 

A bet type called a handicap allows you to place bets on both the favorite team and the underdog squad. With this wager, you can decide whether to stake money on the team you think will win or whether you think each of the teams has a better probability of achieving more goals than their total. You must compare the normal factors, such as the amount of goals every player has scored and the number of matches each player has won, in order to place this wager.


Result Bet

A result bet enables you to bet on the team you think will win the game or on the team you predict has a probability of scoring more goals than their sum of all goals. There are numerous ways to participate in result bets, with the super 6 one of the most well-liked options. 


Correct Score Bet

This bet is slightly more difficult than the other bets, the accurate score wager can be thrilling. There are several methods you can use to make your prediction of the final score, which is the goal of this wager. You must correctly forecast the goal differential between the two teams to win this wager.