Football is not the most popular sport in the world for nothing. It is attracting millions of people to the stadiums and even billions of people to the screens every year. It is passionately played in many parts of the world. Football always offers numerous surprises, which are sometimes fun and sometimes not quite as hoped.

Therefore, it is first and foremost not surprising that football is also so popular in terms of betting. It keeps many people giving tips on the next games.

Soccer is hugely popular

Football is the most famous sport in the world. It is celebrated anew by many fans around the world year after year and day after day. For this very reason, it stands to reason that 70% of all sports bets placed are on football. Many betting sites like toto site (토토사이트) provide major sites to put your bets on.

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Football offers great competitions

In football, there are not only the individual leagues, which are already enjoying great popularity. This can be seen, for example, from the global attendance figures for the Premier League in England, but there are also major international competitions.

On the one hand there is the Champions League in Europe. On the other hand, there is also the FIFA World Cup. The final of which is regularly the most watched TV event. This can also cause a lot of enthusiasm among people.

These major competitions have an enormous appeal that also attracts people who don’t usually have much to do with football to gamble because they want to be part of the community.

Football is easy to understand

Football is easy to understand. Comparing this with other sports such as American football, it is understandable that people can easily understand and enjoy football betting as well.

As you could see, there are various and quite simple reasons why soccer is the most popular sport around the world.

With the wide spread and enormous popularity of the sport, the many big competitions with great teams and their charisma as well as the simplicity of the rules, it is understandable that around 260 million US dollars in bets are placed per World Cup held. But even on a small scale and with friends or colleagues, it’s fun to predict the top scorer in the next competition.